3rd International Conference on Human Sustainability (INSAN 2016)

Grand Jatra Hotel, Pekanbaru

November 1, 2017 – November 2, 2017

International Conference on Human Sustainability is held to discuss the issues, challenges and the future related to human well-being in various social science disciplines. Hence, the Department of Islamic Studies and Social Science (JPSS), Faculty of Science, Technology and Human Development (FSTPi) took the initiative to hold the third conference to promote academic discussions in order to strengthen the process of development and civilization in the future.

This conference is in line with the United Nations (UN) agenda in maintaining development and civilization for future generations, by following the leads of other conventions such as the Brundtland Commission, the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future, the Kyoto Protocol and so on. It is related to the creation of social awareness through attitude, behaviour and relevant action in preserving and enhancing future sustainable development.

The success of this conference is very important for academicians and researchers to share their knowledge and expertise along with their colleagues from various institutions. Sharing of knowledge, skills and experience will further strengthen the human capital of each member of the faculty, including a better prospect and relationship.

1. To expose the participants on the issues and challenges related to sustainable development in the context of social development in the nation.

2. To provide opportunities for participants to do research in various new dimensions to be used for the common good.

3. To increase affection and appreciation of cultural knowledge through the sharing of information and expertise in their respective fields among presenters and participants.

4. To create a network of expertise between academicians and professionals in a wide range of social science disciplines at local or international level.

5. To strengthen the relationships with other institutions such as the Social Institute of Malaysia (ISM) and others by organizing more programme in the future.


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