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Optimization of cold compacting parameters for producing recycled Aluminium (AA6061) by milling process
AHMED SAHIB MAHDI, Mohammad Sukri Mustapa, Mohd Amri lajis, MOHD WARIKH abd Rashid

Last modified: 2015-10-08


The optimum conditions were experimentally evaluated from compression test. These inspections are very useful to determine the variations in the bonding between the powder particles and the effect of compaction parameter on compression strength, Microhardness and microstructure. Four groups of particle size were selected which were (25,63,100, mix of them). The mechanical properties of the four groups depend on the variations in particle size for powder and the pores between particles. So, it is useful first to present and discuss the results of microstructure to understand the strengthening mechanism. In this study, The maximum value of compression strength was detected by mix group which was (160) Mpa while the particle size (100)µm was the minimum value which was (115)Mpa.whereas the groups (25) µm and (63) µm were (150) and (134)Mpa respectively.


powder metallurgy; AA6061; particle size; optimum conditions ; milling process