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Flow Simulation of Modified Duct System Wind Turbines Installed on Vehicle
Nurhayati Bt Rosly
Preliminary Design of Aerial Spraying System for Microlight Aircraft XML
Zamri Omar
UAV telemetry communications using zigbee protocol XML
Tigor Hamonangan Nasution, Ikhsan Siregar, Muhammad Yasir
Ground proximity effect on the flow over NACA 4412 multi element airfoil in clean configuration
Aslam Abdullah, Muhammad Nasreen Yazi, Mohammad Fahmi Abdul Ghafir, Sofian Mohd, Mohammad Zulafif Rahim
Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine under High Speed Operation: Evaluation of Power Output
Magdi Moh M. saad
Nurdina Abd Kadir
Experiment on the Effects of Storage Duration of Biodiesel produced from Crude Palm Oil, Waste Cooking oil and Jatropha
Amir Khalid
Analysis of the Effect of Injection Pressure on Ignition Delay and Combustion Process of Biodiesel from Palm Oil, Algae and Waste Cooking Oil
Amir Khalid


An investigation of Viscosities, Calorific Values and Densities of Binary Biofuel Blends
Sharzali Che Mat, Mohamad Yusof Idroas, Teoh Yew Heng, Mohd Fadzli Hamid
Physical Characterization of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) Blends as Biofuel
Muhammad Hanafi Bin Asril Rajo Mantari, Hairul Mubarak bin Hassim, Rosdi Bin Abdul Rahman, Ahmad Faiz bin Mat Zin, Mahmod Abd Hakim bin Mohamad, Nor Zelawati Binti Asmuin
Doctor / Detached-Eddy Simulation of Trailing-Edge (TE) Cutback Turbine Blade Cooling XML
Marwan Effendy
Numerical Study on Self-Cleaning Canister Filter with Add-On Filter Cap
Akmal Nizam Mohammed, Mohd Sahrizan Sahrudin, Mohd Hafiz Zolkhaely, Azwan Sapit, Mohd Kamil Abdullah, Suzairin Md Seri, Ishkrizat Taib, Normayati Nordin
Combined-hole film cooling with the application of double flow control devices
Mohammad Kamil Abdullah
Experimental study on the usage of air-cooled heat pipe for cooling of HEV Li-ion battery
Feasibility study on production of Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) material for Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) tools using Rapid Prototyping (RP) technique
Shazarel Bin Shamsudin
Characterization of bottom and fly ashes generated co-incineration of biomass with automotive shredded residue
Muhamad Fazli Othaman
Azli Yusop
Suction and Blowing Flow Control on Airfoil for Drag Reduction in Subsonic Flow
Mohd Rashdan Saad
Improvement of solid-gas interaction in fluidized bed systems via secondary air-injection
Mohd Faizal Mohideen Batcha
Spray and Combustion Characteristics of a Novel Multi-circular Jet Plate in Air-assisted Atomizer
Shahrin Hisham Amirnordin
Flame Spread Behavior over Combustible Solid of Paper, Bagasse and Paper/Bagasse
Afifah Ramli, Mohd Azahari Razali, Azwan Sapit, Akmal Nizam Mohammed, Normayati Nordin, Amir Khalid, Md Nor Anuar Mohammad
Performance measurement of a new concept reciprocating piston expander (RPE) using a newly developed small-scale dynamometer unit Licence Agreement Anuar
Md.Nor Anuar Mohamad

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering

Development of Health and Safety E-Vestibule Training Module Based on Novel Hazard Controlling Measures for Malaysian Oil and Gas Drilling Industries: A Proposed Concept
Muhammad Mujtaba Asad, Razali Bin Hassan
Exposure Level of Ergonomic Risk Factors in Grocery Retail Industries
Mohd Nasrull Abdol Rahman, Muhammad Fareez Ahmad Zuhaidi
A review on methods for assessing risk factors of the upper limb disorders among cashiers in grocery retail industries
muhammad fareez ahmad zuhaidi
The Relationship between TQM Practices With TQM Tools and Techniques In Small And Medium Enterprise (SMEs)
Md Fauzi Ahmad
Continuous Improvement and its Barriers in Electrical and Electronic Industry Untitled
Md Fauzi Ahmad
Microstructure and wear behavior of friction stir processed cast hypereutectic aluminum silicon alloy Untitled
Samir Sani Abdulmalik, samir sani
Inter-rater reliability of the new observational method for assessing an exposure to risk factors related to Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) XML
Mohd Nasrull Abdol Rahman, Syahrul Aziana Abdul Rahman
Feedback survey on the usability of the OFFERA method for assessing an exposure risk of computer works related to WMSDs
Mohd Nasrull Abdol Rahman, Siti Shafika Mohamad
Factors to consider in selecting an organisational improvement initiative: Survey results
Musli Mohammad, Maher Ali Hussein, Mohd Shahir Yahya
The Balance Improvment of Final Assembly Water Pump Bussiness Unit Tracks Section (Case Study)
Ikhsan Siregar
Review on item selection for development of the self-reported questionnaire related to lower back disorders at workplace
Nur Atifah Jaffar
Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) to Improve Sheeter Machine Performance
Nofri Eka Candra, Anita Susilawati, Herisiswanto Herisiswanto, Wahyu Setiady
Value Stream Mapping to Improve Workplace to support Lean Environment
Ahmad Nur Aizat Ahmad, Te Chuan Lee, Rohaizan Ramlan, Norafifah Husin, Mustaqqim Abdul Rahim
Usability of the Upper Limb Risk Assessment (UPLIRA) Method for Assessing the Risk Factors of Upper Limb Disorders
Safety culture and issue in the Malaysian manufacturing sector XML
Danish Ali Memon, Yusri Yusof
The dispositional attribution of customer satisfaction through the juxtaposition of QFD and ServQual in service industry design Untitled
Fevi Syaifoelida
Direct Investment Casting For Pattern Developed By Desktop 3D Printer Untitled
Omar Mohd Faizan Marwah
Evaluation of Injection Molding Process Parameters for Manufacturing Polyethylene Terephthalate Untitled
Omar Mohd Faizan Marwah
Green Density Optimization of Stainless Steel Powder via Metal Injection Molding by Taguchi Method XML
Azriszul Bin Mohd Amin
Effect of welding speed on microstructure and mechanical properties due to the deposition of reinforcements on friction stir welded dissimilar aluminium alloys XML
Baridula Ravinder Reddy
Process of Extraction and Effect on Surface Treatment for Pineapple Leaf Fibre Reinforce Composite PDF
Natural Pineapple Leaf Fibre Extraction On Josapine And Morris Untitled
Ahmad Nur Aizat Ahmad
Investigating the Linkage between Musculoskeletal Discomforts and Perceived Stress among Manufacturing Workers Untitled
Nor Hazana Abdullah
Printing and curing of conductive ink track on fabric using syringe deposition system with DLP projector and hot plate PDF
Radin Khairilhijra Khirotdin
Optimizing Woven Curtain Fabric Defect Classification Using Image Processing With Artificial Neural Network Method at PT Buana Intan Gemilang XML
Shadika Shadika, Tatang Mulyana, Meldi Rendra
Design of Automation System for Ceramic Surface Quality Control Using Fuzzy Logic Method at Balai Besar Keramik (BBK) XML
Anggie Prahas Putri, Haris Rachmat, Denny Sukma Eka Atmaja
Flexibility Improvement on Energy Consumption of Punching Machine Based on Green Manufacturing Method at PT Buana Intan Gemilang Untitled
Firda Mawaddah, Haris Rachmat, Tatang Mulyana
Inventory Policy Determination for Raw Materials in ILY Pharmaceutical using Periodic Review (R, s, S) and Periodic Review (R, S) Method to Minimize Total Inventory Cost Untitled
Puteri Mely Permatasari, Ari Yanuar Ridwan, Budi Santosa
Developing new designs of Tool Holder for Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Turning in 2-dimensional using Finite Element Analysis XML
Rino Andias Anugraha, Rasidi Ibrahim, Haris Rachmat
Study on the biodegradability and water adsorption of LDPE/Sago starch blend Untitled
shaharuddin kormin, faridah kormin

Materials Science and Engineering

Optimization Fabrication Process Of Wire Filament Waste-Derived HA/UHMWPE Composites as Feedstock Material for FDM Process by using Taguchi Method Untitled
Mohamad Helmi
Influence of Alkali Resistant (AR) Fiberglass in Porcelain Clay for Manufacturing Vitrified Clay Pipes Untitled
Muhammad Ikhmal Hanapi, Sufizar Ahmad, Hariati Mohd Taib
A study on tensile deformation at room temperature and elevated temperature in the directional solidified Ni-base superalloy GTD-111 XML
Ahmad Afiq Pauzi
Effect of carbon content on structural and magnetic properties of Fe-Mn metastable alloys XML
Kontan Tarigan
Morphology and Physical Behaviour of the LSCF-SDCC-Ag Composite Cathode with the Incorporation of Ag as an Additive Element
Hamimah Abd.Rahman
PCL/PLA Polymer Composite Filament fabrication using Full Factorial Design (DOE) for Fused Deposition Modelling
Reazul Haq Abdul Haq
The Influence of Porosity on Corrosion Attack of Austenitic Stainless Steel
Zulaikha bte Abdullah
Natural and Synthetics Nanomaterials: Comparative Study on Their Mechanical and Thermal Properties as Nanofiller in Polymer Composite
Ferial Ghamei
Neural-Fuzzy model Based Steel Pipeline Multiple Cracks classification Untitled
Hatem Mostafa Elwalwal, Shahruddin Mahzan, Ahmed N. Abdalla
Evaluation on Compression Properties of Different Shape and Perforated rHDPE in Concrete Structures
Mohd Yuhazri Yaakob
The Effect of Different Shape and Perforated rHDPE in Concrete Structures on Flexural Strength
Mohd Yuhazri Yaakob
An Evaluation of Mechanical Properties on Kenaf Natural Fiber/Polyester Composite Structures as Table Tennis Blade
Ahmad Mubarak Tajul Arifin
Mixture of natural fiber with gypsum to improve the fire resistance rating of a fire door: the effect of kapok fiber
Azieyanti Nurain
Mohd Faizal Tukimon, Wan Nur Azrina Muhammad

Design Engineering

An Analysis of Iron Flux Bridges Topologies for 12Slot-14Pole HE-FSM PDF
Siti Khalidah Rahimi, Md. Zarafi Ahmad
Combination of skid control and direct yaw moment control to improve the safety and stability of the small electric vehicle with two in-wheel motors
Mohamad Heerwan Peeie
Shape Optimization of High-Speed Rail by Biomimetics
Chin Toong Foo
Prelimenary Investigation of Parametric Optimization on Turning Process Using UVAT Tool Holder Based on Taguchi Method PDF
haris rachmat, Mohd. Rasidi Ibrahim
Designing Train Passenger Seat by Kansei Engineering in Indonesia Untitled
Hapsari Nabila Sakya, Teddy Sjafrizal, Rino Andias Anugraha
Design and Development of a Portable Metal Chip Baler using A System Design Approach Untitled
Mohd Fahrul Hassan, Mohd Faiz Afham, Ahmad Mubarak Tajul Arifin, Al Emran Ismail, Mohd Rasidi Ibrahim, Mohammad Zulafif Rahim, Md Fauzi Ahmad


Modelling Dynamic Behaviour and Spall Failure of Aluminium Alloy AA7010
Norzarina Ma'at
Effect of triggering angles on the crushing mechanisms of hybrid woven kenaf/aluminum hollow cylinders
Al Emran Ismail
Modelling of Rigid Walled Enclosure Couple to a Flexible Wall using Matlab and Ansys APDL Untitled
Izzuddin Zaman
Enhancement of mechanical properties of epoxy/graphene nanocomposite
Nurul Idani Che Berhanuddin, Izzuddin Zaman, Syaiful Azmirul Mohd Rozlan, Mohd Aizat Abdul Rahim
Structural characterization and mechanical properties of polypropylene reinforced natural fibers
Muhammad Aizat Abd Karim
Effect of Rotating Mold Speed on Microstructure of AL LM6 Hollow Cylinder Fabricated Using Centrifugal Method Copyright Similarity Report
Maximus Kohnizio Mahli
The effect of white etching layer configuration on a larger rail defect
Shahmir Hayyan Sanusi
Optimization of Sound Absorbers Number And Placement In An Enclosed Room By Finite Element Simulation
Muhd Hafeez Zainulabidin
Modelling of Sound Radiation from Plate using Matlab and Ansys APDL
Izzuddin Zaman

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