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What is Successful Technology Integration among Educators? A Study on Malaysian Public Universities
Mohd Khairezan Rahmat

Last modified: 2015-09-01


There is increasing recognition in Malaysia that the use and integration of technology will assist the country to achieve the aims articulated in Vision 2020. Ever since, numerous initiatives have been developed, and significant funds have been allocated by the Malaysian government to boost the uptake of technology integration. Priorities have been given on upgrading and provision of technology applications and infrastructures that were necessary to support to increase access, equity and the quality of education. However, these dramatic transformations of education system have required educators to make significant adjustments to their teaching and instructional processes. Such changes also have created many barriers which have in turn influence the government’s aspirations. Although successful technology integration is a common goal for Malaysian universities, the factors influencing it use have not as yet been identified or appropriately address. Recognizing this issue, a survey was conducted to investigate factors that might influence educators’ successful technology integration. The present study will also explore the most common types to technology used, and how it’s been integrated into educator’s instruction process. A total of 280 educators from two Malaysian public universities were the respondents of this study. Findings of the study have indicated that educator’s attitude, and support from the superior was found to be significant factors that determine educator’s successful technology integration. Availability and social influences also had significant positive effect on their decision to integrate technology. With these results, it was concluded that the more support that educator received, the more they would want to integrate technology in their classroom. Such findings therefore suggest that educators must be involved in continuous development in order to ensure the successful integration of technology.