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Analysis the Accuracy of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for Flood Modeling on Lowland Area
Ku Hasna Zainurin, Mohamad Adib Mohd Razi, Saifullizan Mohd Bukari

Last modified: 2017-11-20


Flooding has been categorized as one of the natural disaster that could be avoided when the elevation data for required area was accurate to be process for the next step of solutions. The accuracy of data is required for helping the responsible officers to produce flood modeling. Currently, the research about the application of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) in the context of hydrology was increased due to find out or produced models that would help to solve the hydrology problems such as flooding. The accuracy for DEM produced on the lowland area was helped the authorities to process the flood mapping because it shown an elevation data result. There are some aspects which are assessed from the production process to assure DEM produced were accurate and suitable to use. The accuracy and quality of the manipulated variables was divided into three types which are low/ low, medium/ medium, and high/ high in order for obtaining accurate DEM data. This will indirectly help in the objective of reducing the risk of flooding in an area of ​​DEM data processed since the result showed the most accurate and precise data.