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Ahmad Fuad Mohd Noor, Musli Nizam Yahya, Mohd Imran Ghazali, Nor Azali Azmir, Ismail Abdul Rahman, Hari Krishnan Tamil Selvan, Noorul Azreen Azis

Last modified: 2015-09-19


Whole-body vibration (WBV) is the vibration energy transmitted from a workplace machine or vehicles to a person’s body. The path of this vibration can be either through a seat or by standing on a vibrating surface which can cause health injuries or disorder. Many occupation expose workers to WBV in road and off-road vehicles. This high daily exposure increase the risk of long term health effect, particularly low back back pain (LBP) injury. Due to poorly and limitation on previous international standard on transient shocks which recognize the transient shocks to be dangerous to a lumbar spine, the ISO 2631-5 (2004) was produced as the only current standard that can be used to analyze shocks properly. Thus, proper research on WBV towards LBP problems was done. The determined of vibration exposure levels of lorry drivers using ISO 2631-5 (2004) standard according to route and type of lorry which undergoes loading and unloading activities. The future of vibration difference between type of lorry and route was shown in order to find the subjective correction by qualitative and quantitative analysis. Data collected by Larson Davis Vibration Meter (HVM 100) was and Tri-Axial Seat Pad Accelerometer was analyzed by BLAZE program. The value of daily equivalent static compression dose, and the R factor gain by calculation. Then, IBM Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) used to analyze the Modified Nordic Questionnaire. Found that, there are high risk of health adverse toward lumbar spine according to the value of . The different level of exposure for R factor was according to year’s exposure. Different year’s exposure related to different level of health risk by value of start working age. Thus, several ways of minimizing the exposure such as frequent health monitoring, employer provide training and job rotation as well as with installation the vibration dampers on equipment was also useful.


Whole-Body Vibration;Low Back Pain;ISO 2631-5 (2004)