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Abdul Mutalib Leman, Dafit Feriyanto, K.A. Rahman, M.N.M. Salleh, I. Baba, L.S.C. Johnson

Last modified: 2015-10-16


Nowadays, natural and manmade disasters are often occurred which caused the chaos and worries in society. It cannot be avoided, but possible to predict by existing emergency respond in every country. There are several disaster such as floods, plane disasters, storms, sink holes and landslides. This research focuses on the flood regarding the management, respond and handling system. The disaster resulting loss of live, cost damage and environment damage which cause stag the human activity during and temporary after disaster. The disaster requires the management which involves resources, equipment, frequency and extensive manpower from various agencies as well as effective coordination. The individual is not concerned with the management process, they respond more to their heart connection and response of uncertainty sense. Therefore it is essential to ensure that each person have a system in place that will provide and inspire the ability to maintain their character and solidarity within themselves. The emergency respond plan system is exist in every country especially in Malaysia. However, there are several problem in information distribution to the society such as change the contact number, no signal, no contact number of interagency and less communication. Therefore, this research will approach the system which effective to undertake the disaster earlier and also linked to the every interagency in each area of Malaysia. It believed that will be high impact to the decreasing victims, cost damage and cost to recovery.


Flood, Coordination, System