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Ismail - Nawi, Badrul Aisham Md.Zain, Ong - Pauline, Maznan - Ismon

Last modified: 2015-10-11


This paper describes a mechanical design and analysis of a simple auto-feeder using scissor lift concept. The design has been proposed to replace current manual feeding of door panels in a factory  by automatic system. Its main instruments and tools are compressors, pneumatic cylinders and mechanical structure. A piston of part no. P1D-S125MS-500 is used for pneumatic cylinder at 10 bar and P1D-S032MS-100 at 5 bar. The pneumatic cylinder is calculated  to carry a load of 1000 Kg including its frame weight structure with payload of door panels. The material used for beam is S30400 stainless steel, its density is 8000 Kg/m3. The air pressure needed to lift the frame and the load has been calculated to be  9.8 bar, and   the angle of inclination is set to be optimum at  17 ͦ. Calculations of the structure capacity has been carried out in relation with strength of the material and capacity of the piston. Design and analysis of the model by  SolidWork software  shows displacements and stress of the frames and top platform are compared with manually calculated results and they are in agreement. For the automation controlling system, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)  has been used where ladder diagrams are programmed.


Automation, Mechanical Design, Productivity