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Numerical Model Validation of Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Using Experimental Results
Afdhal Akbar, Annisa Jusuf, Muhammad Agus Kariem, Leonardo Gunawan

Last modified: 2015-09-19


Dynamic behavior of material at high strain rates range in 500 – 10000/s can be obtained by using SHPB. The need of high strain rate material data has encouraged Lightweight Structures Lab. FTMD-ITB to develop SHPB. Numerical simulations are used to help design process of SHPB. To ensure the validity of SHPB numerical model, it then validated by experimental results. Validation is done for St 37 and Al 6063 material at strain rates 3500 and 4000/s respectively. Numerical simulation fits experimental results for both St 37 and Al 6063 material with acceptable difference (<10%).


Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar; Numerical Model; Experiment; High Strain Rate